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A Bit About Fluid Strength

Fluid Strength is a studio gym located in Bend, Oregon. Our goal at Fluid Strength is to build strong and resilient bodies with a more intentional approach to strength training. We design every program with the longevity of your body in mind and not the short term “fix.”


Small Group Classes

These are your TRUE SMALL GROUP CLASSES capping them at 7 people.



In these classes each individual has their personalized program that is custom designed for that individual's goals, strengthening their more “limited” areas.  These Semi-Private classes have 3 participants to keep the energy playful, while still providing the coach plenty of time to give each individual specific attention on their form and personalized program.



In a Private Session the focus is 100% on you and reaching your goals. That being said, this is going to be our most accelerated option we offer here at Fluid Strength.

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