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Growing up, I could not stop moving. Constantly running around and playing games, I've had an opportunity to try most sports/activities. Through trial and error, I found soccer to be my favorite and largely because the game itself is continuous.  From there, I joined competitive/club soccer to really experience the most I could. In high school, I played  soccer mostly, later adding in Lacrosse to add a little variety. As a soccer player, running was no problem. But, when starting lacrosse, I quickly realized my slimmer soccer build made lacrosse very challenging to not get thrown around. This is what sparked my first real interest in working out and strength training outside of sports environments.


In addition to competitive sports, I found real pleasure in being in nature. So once I obtained my driver’s license, I started to really get into hiking and trail running, rain or shine. In the beginning it was just a fun thing to do, but it later turned into a form of mediation and therapy. After that, I became almost uncompromising on sacrificing time in nature for other things. Looking at the present, I  continue to hike/trail run on a weekly basis. 

Through the years, I watched many of my teammates succumb to injury, which inspired curiosity of how/if that was preventable or how to make the recovery process any quicker/easier.. I began to pay extra attention to the strength training sessions and how coaches and trainers would explain certain drills/exercises. At the time I just found it interesting, but had never considered pursuing that as a career. 

As I finished high school, I had developed a strong interest in preventing injuries in soccer players. Which was about the time I got a coaching license and made the  transition from player to coach through the Westside Timbers Soccer Club.

After a few years of coaching kids, I decided to seriously pursue the physical health realm on an academic level. I eventually found a trade school called National Personal Training Institute where I could get my feet wet. Here, I learned the ways of training, including techniques, queues for training, and countless ideas for training. Finishing the course with loads of new knowledge and a deeper passion for movement, I additionally gained a personal training certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine. From there I began as a Personal Trainer at a larger big box gym to get a feel for how the industry worked and figure out where I wanted to go from there. 

As time went on, I realized how valuable a degree would be and decided to continue at a college in Bend, Or. Specifically completing a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology at the Oregon State University – Cascades Campus. 

What better place to finish a degree than at such a beautiful piece of Oregon. With the great outdoors just a stone throw away, it seemed like the right call for the ultimate balance of school, work, and outdoor playgrounds.

Movement has been one of the most consistent things in my life since I was a little one. I've always had a hard time staying still, and I've now taken that as a sign. As I got older, that energy and desire to move never went away. The only thing that changed was my passion and interest to answer the questions: How? Why? And how can I apply these ideas and concepts to help others?

As I sort out what specific career path best fits me, I know for certain that physical health and movement will be first and foremost.

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