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My movement journey began growing up as a competitive gymnast. After many years of this and a back injury later, I traded gymnastics for dance, and then dance for cheerleading through high school and college. After graduating with my Bachelors in Exercise Sports Science, I found my passion for food and nutrition and went on to grad school. My relationship with food and movement were beginning to shift a lot at this point, and I wanted to pursue both in a more holistic way that would support my body for the long haul. 

I found Fluid Strength after suffering a few years with chronic neck pain. My intentional movement at that point was almost nonexistent, but I knew that getting strong in a sustainable way would help get me out of pain. I started training with Tash in October of 2020, and never looked back. The kettlebell training, mobility work, and breathing among all the other things we do in the gym, have played such a pivotal role in my healing journey. 


Along the way, Tash and I became good friends and realized how well our philosophies around health and wellness aligned. I joined the team shortly after helping her put together valuable movement content for Fluid Strength social media. I have always loved teaching and breaking down important, but complex topics in a digestible way. So, I love helping the coaches take all the brilliant movement knowledge they have in their brains and translating it into interesting and entertaining content for everyone to see.  


Along with managing social media, I help put together the monthly newsletters, coordinate workshops and events for the gym, and other behind the scenes tasks. I am also the partnering nutritionist for the gym, and love sharing my "well oiled nutrition bites" with the Fluid Strength family. Follow along with Well Oiled on Instagram for nutrition content and to stay updated about my upcoming offerings. 

When I am not behind the camera and computer for Fluid Strength or Well Oiled, you can find me hanging with my family in the sun, cooking, or enjoying a craft beer or cortado at one of the many breweries and coffee shops in Bend. 

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