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Hi, my name is Rivers! My introduction to exercise and movement began when I was just a wee one. I would sit in the stroller as my mom would run around town training for her next marathon. When I was 7 I decided that I should probably start running with her so that if anything bad happened to her on the streets, I’d be there! When I was 12, she helped me train for my first marathon in Honolulu, HI. I ran cross country and track throughout middle and high school and for my first year of college. I loved running on a team and being able to build friendships through running, but it wasn’t until recently that I really found a passion for running itself. Within the past few years, I discovered how to utilize the power of recovery days which changed my whole running experience! I was able to run faster and farther than I ever had in high school and my body felt better, too. 


In the past, I didn't understand rest and felt the need to train hard daily. I constantly felt like I had no energy. I was jealous of my teammates who were running faster than me even though I thought they weren't training as hard. Little did I know, I needed to run a lot slower on my easy days to fully reap the benefits of my hard days. This idea of taking advantage of rest days to get the most out of hard days is something that I am learning to transfer to my strength training. Being at Fluid Strength has taught me how to balance out the endurance-based activities in my life with strength-based activities. Since starting this learning process, I’ve felt more aware of what my body can do and how it feels. I also am more aware of my body’s limits more which has helped me to push them even further. 

My goal at Fluid Strength is to be able to help people feel balance in their life through the addition of strength training! To achieve this goal, I have been pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at OSU-Cascades. Before transferring to OSU, I took many classes in Wilderness Leadership at Mt. Hood Community College. These classes helped me to gain confidence in leading groups through lots of different types of experiences. In addition to my education, I also have experience coaching cross country at Bend High School. Through coaching cross country, I learned how to balance being in a leadership role while still making meaningful connections with the athletes on the team. I have started training for my “Kettlebell Strong” certification to continue my growth and confidence as a strength coach! I’m excited to share what I learn through this experience!


When I’m not running or at school, I love to play outside! I highly value taking time to pursue hobbies and take time for myself. Most things the typical Bendite enjoys, I enjoy too. I particularly enjoy ultimate frisbee, nordic skiing, and riding my bike. But don’t put it past me to spend an evening inside playing Mario Kart or Animal Crossing! 


I’m looking forward to sharing the experience of getting stronger and having fun together! 

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