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Who is this for?

You travel a lot for work (or pleasure). You have access to a gym and want a program you can do from wherever. 


You're a busy parent, but have a decent little home gym, and want a fun and intentional program to use with your equipment. 

You need more direction for what the heck to do in the gym. You're sick of doing random exercises and not seeing results.

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We recommend you have some strength training experience before jumping into the SFL Online Group Program. If you are brand new to strength training and using kettlebells, we highly recommend you start with our Personalized Online Training option as this will build your strength and lifting skills. Request a free video intro call to learn more below.  

How long are the program cycles?

The programs run on 6-8 week cycles.

Why are the cycles 6-8 weeks?

Strength is a skill and building skill takes time. We have built in this flexibility in cycle length because some skills are more advanced and each program cycle will have a different focus.  

How much is the membership & when will I be billed?

The SFL Online group membership is $68/month with the option to add-on the video coaching for an additional $20/month.
This gives you access to a 3x/week program that changes every 6-8 weeks.
You will be billed monthly on the date you purchased the program. For example, if you purchased on the 5th of December, you will be billed the 5th of every month. 

If I do the video coaching option, when can I expect to get my feedback?

Every Monday.

How does the video coaching add-on work?

The video coaching add-on is an additional $20/month. Coach Tash will send you your video feedback every Monday. This will be a video of her explaining what she thinks you could improve on, think about, try, or maybe it's something you are doing great at!


Make sure your videos are submitted by Sunday evening so she can give you your feedback on Monday. If videos aren't submitted for the previous week, she will still check in but wont have much form feedback if videos aren’t there. 


You can choose any three skills you would like to receive feedback on. Typically members will pick one skill per day. They usually pick a skill they aren’t sure about or one thats just not feeling right. 

What if I need to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime. Just send us an email! If you find that the SFL Online Group Program isn't a good fit, we highly recommend moving into our Personalized Online Training option where the programs are built around your experience level, goals, and equipment. 




Here is a list of some equipment you will want to have access to, whether through a gym or home gym, to get the most out of the SFL Online Program.

  • 1-2 smaller sized kettlebells for things like bottoms up variations and warm up patterns.

  • 1-2 moderate sized kettlebells for things like cleans, push presses, and swings.

  • 1-2 heavier bells for lower body lifts like goblet squats and deadlifts.

  • -longer bands and mini bands for helping to prep the body for the strength lifts and to progress or regress certain patterns.

  • (optional) A barbell, plates, and a squat rack-- not 100% necessary, but can help with adding variety and giving yourself more options for some of the lifts like presses, squats, and deadlifts.

How to get started


Fill out the contact form on our website 


You will then receive an invoice to pay for your membership. Make sure to accept the terms and conditions. You will not receive your program until you accept the terms and conditions on your pike 13 profile, so please make sure you don’t skip this. 


Once you’ve paid and accepted the terms and conditions, you will receive an invite to create your Truecoach account. Your program will be in  your account within 2-3 business days.


Optional: if you’d like to use the truecoach app for convenience, download it in the app store. Otherwise you can access it through your phone or computer browser.

Thats it! You'll be ready to start your strength for longevity journey! We hope to see you in there!

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